The God of New Beginnings

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Have you heard the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” That is a true statement. I actually started this blog in January, but due to changes in the blog settings, etc. that I didn’t understand, it never got finished. So here it sat. It seems I have a tendency to let that happen when I hit a roadblock I don’t know how to get around. But I’ve decided to give it a go again, so here it is.

Home for the Heart

Now we’re into November 2019. My goal at the beginning of January was to finish the first draft of my second novel, Home for the Heart, hopefully by the end of January.  I ended up completing it on March 15th at the Women’s Get-away Writers Conference. The next six months were consumed with editing it, sending it to my Beta-readers, and final extensive edit by an editor friend in NM. The book is now ready to publish and will be released on Nov. 12.

Home for the Heart is the second novel in The Harvey Girls Legacy series. By 1901, new elaborate Harvey Houses were being built along the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe Railroad, and Fred Harvey’s legacy is carried on by his sons.

Twenty-year-old Liz Gilbertson, who was four-year-old Elizabeth and orphaned, in Romance Along the Rails, yearns to find her real father’s family. After being jilted by her fiance, she decides to become a Harvey Girl to give her life direction.

When Michael Brannon, the youngest son of a prominent Boston banker, moves to Kansas to work as an accountant for Liz’s adopted father at the ATSF office, Liz’s life takes a decided positive positive shift. Liz and Michael are drawn to each other, but can Liz rival the women of his social status?

Both Liz and Michael mature spiritually and in their relationship. Can they trust God to guide them through unforeseen circumstances?

Stay tuned for information about Couriers of Love, the third book in the series. Bob and I had the privilege of traveling to Las Vegas and Santa Fe, NM, to visit the Castenada and the La Fonda hotels and to gain information for this next book.

Family News

It has been a wonderful privilege to have all of our daughters and their families close to us. We have enjoyed the recent holidays with them all together. I am so thankful God brought Holly and her family to Missouri last year. Now, God has worked unmistakably in Andrew and Annette’s lives. He has led them to South Carolina where Andrew is the head pastor of a church. They are now close to our son, Kelly, and his family near Columbia. Though we are sad to see their family leave, we know, without a doubt, that God’s hand is guiding them, and we rejoice in that knowledge. God’s speed Andrew and Annette!! We were privileged to travel with Holly to see them in August and to attend Landry Schneider’s graduation from basic training in the Missouri Army National Guard.