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Autumn - The Season of Many Colors

October, the true beginning of Autumn Autumn is a season of mixed emotions. It is usually a time of natural beauty as the leaves change colors and squash and pumpkins dominate the decor. There's pumpkin spice latte's, apple crisp, and football. This year, though, it has stayed so warm and dry that the leaves are still green for the most part. It certainly hasn't felt like sweater weather, yet. Although the prognosticators say cooler weather is on the way. Around us here in Southwest Missouri, every small town has a Fall Festival so there is always somewhere to go to celebrate the season.

This is the season of change; of letting go. Both of the last two Octobers have brought loss into my family's lives. A year ago, my brother, Marvin went to be with the Lord, and just this week my oldest brother, Darrel, stepped over into Heaven. They both loved and served the Lord faithfully, and I know they are experiencing the Presence of their Savior and rejoicing with loved ones. F…